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Other Horses
These are horses that are not part of the miniature breeding program.
Bay Roan / Tobiano
APHA - 631,984
PtHA - 141130

CNF Rose N White Zoe
Zoey is a registered Bay Paint.  Yes, God went crazy with her white spot!!  The first year we had her Bailey rode her in all the youth classes incuding English, Western, Showmanship and Equitation.  They took High Point Youth for KSHA.  Now Bailey and I are sharing her this year.  We each ride her a little bit of English and a little bit of Western.  I wanted to do trail but she is just learning so I took her in in-hand trail for fun.  She won her very first class!!  So we have been doing in-hand trail all year and having a blast.  Maybe next year we will be riding the trail classes!  If everything goes as planned we will be breeding Zoey next year.
Dizzy is a rescue.  When we first got him he only weighed like 50 pounds.  As you can see he is doing quite well.  He is over 20 years old so he is just going to retire at our place in style.  He only has one eye and some trust issues with strangers but he seems to love being here.  He even gives kisses now when it is feeding time and LOVES the neck scratches!